About Us

Shiek Studio is a complete acting workshop designed by Actor/Director/Producer Shiek Mahmud-Bey, to specifically prepare the actor to work with confidence and consistency in the highly creative, demanding and fast pace TV, Theater, and Film industry. Shiek brings more than 25 years of solid acting experience to his workshops, where he focuses his attention on Auditioning, Scene Study, and Character Development; challenging actors to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. He forces them to free up, and be in the moment. To trust themselves with the uncommon, and common familiarities of the characters they’re portraying. Living in the moment, and creating the human experience!


  • Classes are taped, and used to help the actors grow.

  • Every actor’s commitment is required.

  • The Shiek Studio workshops are intense but fun.

Being an actor himself, working opposite some of the industries top names such as Robert Deniro, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Andy Garcia, Ed Harris, Joaquin Phoenix, Marcia Gay Harden just to name a few. Guest starring in various TV shows, a series regular on NBC’s once hit ”The Profiler”. CEO/President of 25th Frame Film, The Collaborations Group, Co-Creator, Director, and Producer of the upcoming TV pilot “The Inner Circle”.


Shiek knows what it takes to be successful and to have longevity in the film industry. As an actor, director, producer and acting coach. Shiek brings his experience, drive, work ethic and passion to his workshops. These are some of the reasons why his students not only work but stand out.

The Complete Acting Workshop

Our Mission at Shiek Studio is to get the actor to focus on the “NOW" – to understand, feel, express, and react as the character honestly in the moment. Actors will develop a technique that builds the confidence, and freedom that empowers them to commit and transform into the who and what they need to be. We at Shiek Studio armor the actors by preparing them thoroughly, so they can walk out of the classroom and onto a movie set, or stage, with the specific goal of becoming the Working Actor.

Inside the Studio